Gear: The Ultimate Book On Porsche Racing Cars Is In The Petrolicious Shop

The Ultimate Book On Porsche Racing Cars Is In The Petrolicious Shop

By Petrolicious Productions
February 19, 2016

We can’t be the only ones to imagine ourselves behind the wheel of the fearsome Porsche 917 on the Mulsanne straight, or hauling up narrow mountain passes in a nimble, race-bred 718. Here’s a tip that’s worked well for us: the quality of your daydreams is improved immeasurably if you know the subject matter cold.

The two-volume Porsche Racing Cars series, written by Brian Long, is what you’ll want to read in order to get a complete picture of the marque’s racing programs. Working with Veloce Publishing, we’re proud to offer both volumes for sale in our shop. Each contains hundreds of color photographs, a year-by-year coverage of race results, and a huge amount of detail—all provided with full co-operation from Porsche.

Porsche Racing Cars 1953–1975 and Porsche Racing Cars: 1976–2005 are now available to order; both also receive free shipping for International and U.S. customers.

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Guitar Slinger
Guitar Slinger
8 years ago

Make available the same publishers ” Porsche ; The Rally Story ” and you’ll have the rarest of all Porsche racing history books as well . Or should I say the only seeing how it is the only book that covers Porsches ‘ official ‘ and ‘ unofficial ‘ rallying history in somewhat reasonable detail [ whereas the book in question here is but one of a multitude of Porsche road racing history books … some as good … a few a whole lot better .. a whole heck of a lot much worse ]

Porsche racing history . It aint all about the pavement you know 😉

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