Market Finds: Air-Cooled Porsche from Hemmings Motor News

Air-Cooled Porsche from Hemmings Motor News

By Petrolicious Productions
March 3, 2015

The air-cooled, rear-engine Porsche has become one of the greatest classic sports cars available to the masses. With a wide range of years and models to choose from, there are affordable options for anyone from the average enthusiast to the museum collector. Considering the recent surge in parts availability for these cars from Porsche Classic and the aftermarket, you can own one without fear of the exorbitant repair bills that characterize their Italian counterparts. Ownership of a 911 or 912 also comes with pleasure, heartache, lessons in control, and an instant membership in a subculture with a rich heritage.

If you’re thinking about buying an air-cooled Porsche, Hemmings Motor News has hundreds to choose from. Here are three for your consideration.


The car: 1967 Porsche 912
Price: $36,000
Location: Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Seller’s Info: Click here

With the price of early 911s soaring, the 912 has become more and more appealing. Sure, you’re giving up substantial power but it’s gorgeous and still satisfying to drive – some might even say more satisfying, due to its lighter weight. This 912 is listed as an “attractive driver.” Although it has over 150,000 miles, the car has been maintained and driven as designed. The car has undergone one engine rebuild, a paint job, and a litany of repairs. This car is just one example of 902s under $40,000.


The car: 1995 Porsche Carrera
Price: $49,500
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Seller’s Info: Click here

The 993 is a holy car for your average Porsche fanboy. The car marked the end of the air-cooled era that defined the brand for decades. The demise of the air-cooled engine sealed the 993’s fate as a future classic. If you’re interested in an air-cooled Porsche and some semblance of reliability, then you should consider a 993. The basic C2 delivers plenty of grunt with a 0-60 MPH time of just over five seconds. This clean car remains mechanically unmolested and ready for a new owner.


The car: 1963 Porsche 356B Cabriolet
Price: $163,995
Location: Pleasanton, California, USA
Seller’s Info: Click here

The lines of the Porsche 991 can be traced back to the iconic design by Erwin Komenda and the 356. The car gave postwar-Porsche the start it needed to secure purchases from dealerships and build the company into a global brand. The performance was modest by today’s standards, but its nimble nature helped win some impressive trophies. This beautiful Cabriolet is one of the more original 356s available. The car has had one owner since the sixties and has stayed off the road most of that time. It has been painted and had extensive service to make it road worthy again.


If you know of a great, stylish car for sale and would like for us to feature it, please let us know!


Petrolicious makes no claim as to the accuracy of the information contained in the car’s original listing, nor will it be held responsible for any errors in said information. If you’re interested in any of these cars, do your homework and research extensively before you buy.

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Jimmy Arata
Jimmy Arata
9 years ago

We managed to get a nice, survivor 912 one year ago, and it is lots of fun. The cars are out there, the deals pop up when you least expect. One must persist in the search though . . .

9 years ago

I’m not sure there is much out there in the form of air cooled Porsche’s that could be called “affordable” in today’s market. Prices are through the roof for pretty much everything but the 996.

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