Market Finds: Would You Buy This Porsche 911 Turbo For Its Awesome BBS Wheels?

Would You Buy This Porsche 911 Turbo For Its Awesome BBS Wheels?

By Michael Banovsky
December 18, 2015

Photos Courtesy of Bonhams

If it’s something Porsche-related, it’s quite possible we’ve covered it in the past. Do you blame us? Stuttgart’s machines are generally pretty fantastic to begin with, and so much of what makes a specific car desirable on the used market is finding one that’s been optioned or, shall we say, “configured” in a certain way.

Bonhams is offering this 1978 Porsche 911 (930) 3.3 Turbo at its Scottsdale auction in January, and straight off the bat—boom—gold BBS mesh wheels. It has a 4-speed manual transaxle, independent suspension, fantastic brakes, and the same zero-to-100 mph-in-14-seconds that these early turbocharged road cars are famous for.

Three hundred horsepower and handling to match was serious stuff in 1978, and Porsche used this basic platform in races around the world, with so much success that there are literally dozens of books out on this period in the company’s history.

Delivered in July 1978 from Brumos Porsche in Florida, it was then moved to California and traded among a few owners before being bought by its current owner, based in Texas. Bonhams says the car is extremely original, and with less than 7,000 miles on the clock, it’s barely been broken in.

With its E50 BBS alloy wheels, Porsche Certificate of Authenticity, original air compressor kit, space-saver spare, owner’s and maintenance books; and original engine, how high do you think this no-reserve lot will fly?

– Delivered from Brumos Porsche in 1978

~300 horsepower, 3.299-cc SOHC turbocharged 6-cylinder engine with Bosch fuel injection, four-speed manual transmission, independent front suspension and rear suspension, four-wheel disc brakes. Wheelbase: 89.4 in.

Vehicle information
Chassis no.: 9308800410
Engine no.: 6880271

Auction house: Bonhams
Estimate: Not listed
Certification: Porsche Certificate of Authenticity
Price realized: TBD; sale on Jan. 28, 2016


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Mike Pound
Mike Pound
8 years ago

Beautiful car, but I have never thought BBS wheels look good on Porsches. You just can’t improve on Fuchs.

rene Porsche
rene Porsche
8 years ago

I would say 220k

Linda N Brian Schick
Linda N Brian Schick
8 years ago

If I had the money!

Amir Kakhsaz
Amir Kakhsaz
8 years ago

It looks like a stock 911 centercap from the original fuchs wheel with a detailed crest that was probably machined to fit in the BBS wheel. The BBS centercaps that come with those wheels are ugly and protrude quite a bit, this is a nice look.

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