Reader Submissions: Here’s A Porsche 911 Discovered Completely By Chance

Here’s A Porsche 911 Discovered Completely By Chance

Petrolicious Productions By Petrolicious Productions
January 18, 2016

Story and photography by Vincent Perraud

I was shooting some skateboarding in downtown Cape Town, South Africa, when I saw a sick Porsche 911 just down the block from us, at the corner. I had just snapped a quick picture and posted it the day after on Instagram. And would you know it: a couple of Porsche guys commented on it, and then tagged the owner…who was stoked it had attracted the attention! I was soon in touch with him for a cruise, planned just days before I was to leave the country to return to France.

This 911 is the vision of Rui Esteves. He’s Portuguese, but lives between Germany, England, and South Africa—and he produces and imports his own beer in those countries as well.

He was a bit sorry because the car was not perfectly clean, if only because he drives it every day. That’s fine with me: I don’t like clean cars, anyway. We had good cruise around Cape Town’s scenic Lion’s Head Mountain. Next time, we’re going go for more—and I can’t wait to try the beer as well…

Special thanks to @andunion for letting me photograph his awesome Porsche 911.

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Johannes Oppitz
Johannes Oppitz

Well, we might have a different definition of clean. To me it looks super clean …and awesome!


Looks to me like another rear-engined German travesty called the 911.


This is a really great story and one that brings some good memories back. Back in 2013, I stumbled across a 911 2.7 RS in Cape Town, close to Lion’s Head parked near the ocean. I was blown away to see it and was hoping to speak to the owner, but I never had the chance.

Alexandre Goncalves
Alexandre Goncalves

Being Portuguese, and married to a South African, what´s there not to like anout this story!

There´s always a Portuguese somewhere – and this one has nice taste for cars .

Great scenery, and I´m sure the beer is just as great!

Um abraço para o Rui

david ferreira
david ferreira

Nem mais!