Journal: Blog Dedicated to Car Interiors Gives a Glimpse Behind the Wheel

Blog Dedicated to Car Interiors Gives a Glimpse Behind the Wheel

Petrolicious Productions By Petrolicious Productions
July 11, 2013

The exterior of a car may be the first thing that attracts us to a particular machine, but it’s the interior where we spend the most time. An interesting interior isn’t necessarily a good one, and a good interior isn’t necessarily an interesting one, at least from a purely functional standpoint. As illustrated here, however, there are rare exceptions that blend both high style and efficient ergonomics.

One of our favorite Tumblrs photo-documents hundreds, if not thousands, of dashboards, center consoles, seats, and control interfaces of mostly vintage machines, from bare-bones SUVs and economy cars right through high-end luxury and sports cars and even concepts—all in high resolution with good lighting and composition, which makes sense as most seem to have been pulled from period advertising.

It’s a great way to waste a few hours, dreaming what it’d be like to pilot some seriously exotic machinery. Take a rare glimpse behind the wheel at the blog Car Interiors.

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Arnett William
Arnett William

All this car interiors are beautiful.
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Professor Lavahot
Professor Lavahot

Great photos! What blog is this now?

Kyle Howe
Kyle Howe The article links to the blog in the text, and the photo sources are linked to the blog underneath the photos.

Leucea Alexandru
Leucea Alexandru

Some fine classic interiors here.