Gear: Book Review: Inside SCG 003

Book Review: Inside SCG 003

By Michael Banovsky
March 12, 2015

The book: Inside SCG 003
Bart Lenaerts
Pages: 512
Purchase: Click here

Ferrari. Porsche. Lamborghini. Exotic car legends, to be sure, but new challengers in the supercar class are rare and, usually, amount to little. There is, however, reason to believe that SCG will turn out differently.

SCG is Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus, the carmaker founded by well-known businessman and former Hollywood director James Glickenhaus has already been making waves with their latest project, the road and race 003. With entry to this year’s 24 Hours of Le Mans secured, a team was on hand to document every step of 003’s design and build process, this book is essentially a behind-the-scenes look at how a new supercar is born.

The book is unique for being spread across two editions bought together. The first part explains the entire saga and all the ins and outs of the car and the team, complete with all technical details, unexpected complications and little dramas. It also has a QR code to get an arty interpretation of the car at any 3D print shop. This first book will be at your doorstep within weeks.

The second part, however, will take a little bit longer to produce, as it will continue 003’s story after the car has raced at the 24 Hours of the Nürburgring. In addition to the entire racing story, it’ll have an alloy plate on the back with a milled SCG logo, the number of your book and your own name. Order early enough, and the team will try to put your name onto 003 for the 24 Hours of the Nürburgring race!

With full access into the entire development of a car, the book is a must-read for those who wish they had more insight into how a modern sports racing car is designed and built. As a new car brand, it’s also a chance to follow SCG from the very beginning.

Purchase Inside SCG 003.

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Robbie Friedman
Robbie Friedman
9 years ago

Michael, it’s been a while. Hope all is well!

James Glickenhaus
James Glickenhaus
9 years ago


In 2015 we will race VLN1/VLN3 and The 24 Hours of Nurburgring two SGC 003C’s.

In 2016 we hope to do additional races with SCG 003C but it’s unlikely SCG 003C will be allowed to race at Le Mans.

If we sell enough cars we plan to build SCG 004 LMP1 and race the WEC and Le Mans in 2017.



Christopher Gay
Christopher Gay
9 years ago

2017 would be a great time for another LMP1 entry. I’d like to be a part of that think tank when it’s go-time for development to race.

Jim Valcarcel
Jim Valcarcel
9 years ago

Thank you for a heads up on this book. I am sure it will be a fantastic read. Mr. Glickenhaus is a very interesting person. His creation of interesting cars is to be lauded in the car world. I for one wish him every success in his endeavors. I met him once while looking at one of his cars and he was most gracious.

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