Reader Submissions: Boost Your Heart With A Porsche 930

Boost Your Heart With A Porsche 930

Petrolicious Productions By Petrolicious Productions
July 19, 2014

Owner: Bryant Nguyen

Year, Make, and Model: 1986 Porsche 930

Location: San Diego, California

Photographer: Jake Cannon

I’ve been very lucky to enjoy some great cars and have learned to work on them myself in my small home garage. These past two years in San Diego I have rebuilt the S14 in my 1988 M3, dropped and overhauled the motor in a 1982 911SC and a 1995 993 Carrera 2. I really like fixing things, which fits in with my day job as a cardiologist, only without the need for malpractice insurance. Growing up in the ’80s and ’90s, I was very lucky to be driven to various soccer practices and to school in my parents’ 1988 Mercedes 420SEL. It was a special car, purchased after years of their hard work.

My uncles introduced me to the cars they owned and I just loved the shapes and sounds when I was a child–Datsun 260Z, Audi Coupe GT, Honda CRX Si. As I became little older I appreciated the driving, the engineering, and especially the quality of German cars. With this 930, I love the tank-like feel of the chassis, the rawness of the unassisted steering, and the iconic 911 shape on steroids. Oh and the boost! I love the boost!

This Porsche is a 1986 Meteor Metallic and black, stock 911 Turbo (930). I bought it because the color gray seems to be my favorite color for cars, and Porsche made this smoky, metallic, almost purple-gray for 1986 only. This car also has optional sport seats and limited slip differential, which are very nice to have. It was a car from California originally, and had over 100k miles making it a perfect daily, not a car I’m afraid to drive. My friend and I were both bitten by the Porsche bug in 2013, after many years of each owning an E30 M3. He found a white ’87 930 in November and later wrote me a Christmas card, in which the last sentence read “We’ll have to find you the ultimate 930 in 2014.” Oddly enough, I saw this car listed on Craigslist in late December, and drove it home from Arizona on New Years Day 2014! Living in southern California, the car is at home during early morning runs up to Cars and Coffee, enjoying the turbo boost when the air is cool and dense.

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Vincent Chiaro
Vincent Chiaro

I’ve just recently bought my first Porsche a 2012.5 991S. But I have the bug for something older as well, maybe an SC for 930 Turbo. Yours is absolutely beautiful! It is absolutely stock? It looked better than a stock one does but maybe it’s the wheels and ride height? Which wheels are those?


You got avery nice 930!

My precent Turbo brings back memories to my old 930 in Meteoritt gray, very similar to yours.

Mark Greene
Mark Greene

I love my ’87 that I call my Orange Crush. Paint to Sample metallic orange, one of three.

Christopher Gay
Christopher Gay

Nice looking car.
I always wanted a 930 when I was too young too drive but still perusing the classifieds of Road & Track.

See you on the road.

Thanks for sharing.

Christopher Gay
Christopher Gay

…”too young to drive”… :p

Mat smith
Mat smith

That is a fantastic looking turbo. The black wheels and the track tyres. I really want one. Regular impact bumper Carreras just look to narrow! The turbo version of each subsequent 911 variant in my opinion are always the best looking, it’s the fat arches, like on my 996!