Market Finds: Buy this BMW 2002 and Become the Coolest Babysitter

Buy this BMW 2002 and Become the Coolest Babysitter

By Petrolicious Productions
March 19, 2014

The car: 1974 BMW 2002

Price: $42,500

Location: Sun Valley, California, USA

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As a child, my babysitter drove one of those foreign jobs that was much smaller than Mom’s Buick Estate wagon behemoth. It had a manual transmission, seatbelts that were awkward to buckle, and a turn signal indicator in the dashboard that blinked the same whether you were turning left or right – just like the Volkswagen that my buddy Stephan’s mom drove. I didn’t know it at the time, but Cassie, my babysitter, drove a BMW 2002.

When BMW introduced their Neue Klasse of sedans for 1962, the brand was trying to re-establish its reputation after rough patches in the 1950s. The engineers settled on a unibody structure with independent rear suspension, giving the new 1500 four-door sedan the basis that would evolve into the slightly smaller 1600-2 two-door for 1966. With a two-liter four from the sedan, the new 2002 two-door debuted in 1968 as a tossable, willing sports sedan that was at odds with the cars on American roads at the time. However, it was the impetus of the BMW formula as we know it today–the same formula that every brand seemingly emulates today.

Indeed, the 2002 made such an impact with driving-oriented enthusiasts that it continues to enjoy a vibrant place in the hobby today. Many folks upgrade their 2002s for more modern performance capabilities, but few are likely to have been modified to the degree of this 1974 2002 on eBay. It is #11 of a series that tuner Manofied Racing has modified with a balanced and blueprinted 2.7-liter “M20” six-cylinder (from the first-gen 3-series) and a turbocharger. Pretty much everything else on this Bimmer has been upgraded as well, from the suspension and brakes to the body and interior. For $42,500, you could buy a brand-new Bimmer and get free oil changes, or you could go back to where it all began and be the coolest babysitter in the neighborhood.

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Lucio Oquendo
Lucio Oquendo

Why would someone go through all the trouble to restore a Turboed BMW and then put xxr 002’s on it? THey are common for cheaper restorations, I’m certainly not against them…I would just personally fork over an extra 4,000 dollars to buy a set of period correct wheels…and then sell it for 42,000 dollars? Yeesh…

Alan Mitchell
Alan Mitchell


Alan Mitchell
Alan Mitchell

Typical A*#hat Bimmer driver, can’t park strait between the lines!

Dustin Rittle
Dustin Rittle

Well i already think of myself as a cool baby sitter but yes this car would but me over the edge. I have always liked the BMW 2002 it is one of my favorite BMWs of all time. The car really seem to have it all from the airy greenhouse cabin to the brilliant little engine. It was as much a sports car as it was practical small family car. The car was something for everyone.