Journal: Canoes To Christmas Trees: What Have You Hauled With A Classic Car?

Canoes To Christmas Trees: What Have You Hauled With A Classic Car?

By Petrolicious Productions
December 13, 2017

The holiday season is well and fully upon us, and between all the last-minute gift trips and traffic caused by everyone driving up to Grandma’s house, we end up using our cars to carry us and everything else for the most part. A Christmas tree on the roof,  a trunk full of wrapped boxes, and the whole family squashed into the backseat is a common trope that’s spawned many a movie about the joys of shlepping these festive payloads across interstates and country lanes alike, but it’s not like these are the only occasions where our cars take on the tasks of pack mules. The infamous photo of the Porsche 911 with the lit tree on its roof will no doubt make another round of appearances on just about every car site this year, but it’s not like we don’t strap on canoes and tow hitches during the warmer months out of the year.

So we want to know, what’s the strangest pile of stuff you’ve hauled in your classic car? It doesn’t have to be the heaviest or the least gainly thing, just anything that made you take a step back in bemusement. Tow a boat with your ‘Benz? Take your Alfa on Home Depot runs? Still use your 2CV for lugging farm equipment? Tell us about the time you ditched the modern 4×4 for something with a bit more style, we want to hear your stories! Even if it’s just a simple bike rack.


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Kannan Ramakrishnan
Kannan Ramakrishnan

Collapsible mast for a small sail boat INSIDE my W124… It just about fit between the windscreen and the back window

THING halls about anything

2017-12-01 10.17.19.jpg
Steel Lezarwood
Steel Lezarwood

I had bought a palm tree when I only owned a Citroën Dyane: I had no other way to bring it home… and there had been no problem to carry it.

Here is my Citroën Visa “Grand-Raid” in the “Gorges de l’Aveyron” in France, few years ago. Not very old, but so adventure-proof !

Kevin Lee

I drove around with a canoe on top of my 914. Went car camping in that thing too.

Bringing a canoe for good measure

Terry Buhay

Sometimes a convertible is the easiest way of hauling tall objects.

I think the Sprite looks like the world’s smallest fire truck.

Rubens Florentino

Totally agree. I took home a dinner table in my 88 convertible Mustang (not exactly a classic…) with the top down. Yep… it was winter.

Paul Ipolito
Paul Ipolito



Several 8′ 2×4 boards fit in my ’86 CRX with the hatch shut. Recline passenger seat, remove headrest, slide wood into passenger foot well.

Jan Christian
Jan Christian

A christmas tree inside my 1978 Porsche 928.


I’ve not tried it yet but I’m confident I could fit a 4×12 speaker cab in my foxbody Mustang. As it stands you can fit a decent guitar rig in the back without encroaching on the passenger compartment.
I’m planning on also filling it with camping gear for Daytona in January. Did it last year in my GTI so I’m sure it’d work out about the same.

Mike Jankowski
Mike Jankowski

Jeez where do I start with what I’ve carried in my Triumph Spitfire? Bikes, lumber, furniture, aid station service supplies for a bicycle century, autocross wheels and tires, delivered a 29er bike and kid trailer to a customer for the bike shop, used it to move from an apaartment to a house, dog crates, the list goes on.


While it might not be a classic car by virtue of model year, I’ve hauled artwork, and winter wheels in my NB. I sadly couldn’t spare the time to snap a photo of when I used the rollbar as a hitch for transporting the winter tires before getting them mounted, but I had to get it to a repair shop, and the car kept overheating.

IMG_20171102_183122 (2).jpg
20170831_173112 (2).jpg
20170831_173106 (2).jpg