Journal: Nicholas Hartman’s ‘Start Your Engines’ Exhibit Ignites Summer Driving Vibe

Nicholas Hartman’s ‘Start Your Engines’ Exhibit Ignites Summer Driving Vibe

By Petrolicious Productions
September 24, 2013

Graphic designer and artist Nicholas Hartman hails from Brooklyn, NY. His latest series, Start Your Engines, was featured on the walls of The Habitat in Greenpoint, Brooklyn this past summer. Thanks to Nicholas’ attention to detail and experimentation with various media, these pieces caught our attention. Bold, black strokes with significant use of white-washing techniques along with stained backgrounds bring vintage tones and modern stenciling techniques together.

The pieces were assembled with the intention of showcasing a summertime vibe. Nicholas created the work as an interpretation of how race cars and auto shows are associated with great weather and plenty of summer parties.

The cars were selected based on their design and importance in the motorsports community–like the ‘57 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa or the Ford GT40. His portrait of former McLaren F1 driver, Lewis Hamilton– it makes us wish Banksy experimented in motorsports in his street art.

See more of Hartman’s work at

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1 year ago

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Alan Lake
Alan Lake
9 years ago

I love your art. Pls consider self publishing a book of your work, I’ll buy. Thanks for brightening my day.