Gear: Carros de Cuba Is Now Available in The Petrolicious Shop

Carros de Cuba Is Now Available in The Petrolicious Shop

By Isaac Wingold
November 16, 2015

Photography by Piotr Degler

Although Piotr Degler might not be a household name, chances are you’ve seen his photographic work before. Over the past ten years, Degler has notably shot some of the “most emblematic cars and prototypes ever built in history,” which is why we were instantly intrigued upon first hearing of the photographer’s latest published collection of photos – Carros de Cuba.

Photographed in 2014, Carros de Cuba truly provides an accurate look at the automotive scene and social conditions that exist in Cuba, prior to the country’s newly developed relationship with the American government. As the name would suggest, this beautifully bound coffee table book features around 200 stunning shots of the American classics that are still in use today on the island state, along with a host of uncommon, desirable, and iconic European cars — kept alive by the talents and ingenuity of the people. You don’t want to miss this one.

The book is now available in the Petrolicious shop.

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