Gear: Help Kickstart A Stunning Look Into Cuba’s Car Culture

Help Kickstart A Stunning Look Into Cuba’s Car Culture

By Michael Banovsky
November 16, 2015

Photography by Piotr Degler

A few years ago, noted automotive photographer Piotr Degler was inspired by the 1978 photo of a mustard yellow Mercedes-Benz 300 SL in Cuba, inspired enough to travel to the island in search of the most interesting cars.

After shooting more than 25,000 photos from his trip, and devoting 12 to a calendar last year, Degler’s next project is a “no limit” look at the cars of Cuba. The result, Carros de Cuba, is a coffee table book that’s likely the most extensive—and final—look at the country’s car culture after years of Communist rule.

We first profiled this project when it was added to Kickstarter, but it’s since been fully financed, meaning backers will receive their copies soon. There are still options for making a pledge and being part of the initial run, so if you’d like to support this project, head over to Kickstarter and make a pledge—there are less than 10 days to get in line.


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Erik Kanos
Erik Kanos
6 years ago

Common guys, lets donate, i want my copy 🙂