Featured: GALLERY: Chantilly Arts & Elegance Was Complete Sensory Overload

GALLERY: Chantilly Arts & Elegance Was Complete Sensory Overload

By Ted Gushue
September 11, 2017

Photography by Ted Gushue

It would be difficult to sum up the experience of Chantilly Arts et Elegance Richard Mille in any word other than apex. It is, in every way, an over the top experience. First of all you’re spending the weekend at the chateau where Max Zorin based his evil empire in A View To A Kill. Secondly, you’re surrounded by what are quite seriously some of the finest automobiles ever created, case in point Peter Mullin’s Bugatti Atlantic, which won Best In Show handsomely.

Other notable entrants and winners included Paul Knapfield’s European University BBLM and Sir Michael Kadoorie’s stunning 1958 Le Mans Winning Ex-Phil Hill 250TR. Scroll through the gallery to get a sense of what this incredible event was all about.

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Games Tutorial N High Score
Games Tutorial N High Score
6 years ago

This choices hack is so popular online.

Marco Chinellato
Marco Chinellato
6 years ago

I’m curious to know which lens you use…love your photos!

6 years ago

Wow, so nice pics! Seems like being in Wonderland. Such inspiring landscape and scenery. It’s not so far away from Zurich, so maybe next time…