Journal: Classic Aston Martin Assured Provenance Certification Programme Expanded After Successful Debut

Classic Aston Martin Assured Provenance Certification Programme Expanded After Successful Debut

By News Desk
May 15, 2019

Introduced just over three years ago, Aston Martin’s Assured Provenance Programme has become an important service for enthusiasts of the brand to have their vehicle’s history and technical condition verified by experts. To broaden this programme’s appeal, a new two-tier service has been launched.

Restoration and Provenance Leader at Aston Martin Works, Dominic Bridger, explained: “With scores of owners already having invested in our existing Assured Provenance Certified process—the highest possible level of certification for our sports cars—we know there is a very strong, and growing, interest in this type of service from Aston Martin Works. What the new Assured Provenance scheme offers is a previously unavailable level of certification that will prove more expedient for owners of classic Aston Martin sports cars all over the globe.”

This new certification scheme sits below Assured Provenance Certified in terms of its price and level of detail—starting at £3995 RRP, excluding taxes in the UK—and provides owners with a valuable insight into their cars’ history and condition. Values of Aston Martin vehicles have been on the rise and continue to do so, this has opened up previously untapped markets around the globe and the new Assured Provenance Service will be available through Aston Martin’s 164-strong worldwide dealer network. Following a wide-ranging review process, and with assistance available from Aston Martin Works technicians when required, information on the car is gathered locally and then passed to the expert team in Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire for the Assured Provenance report to be prepared.

It is then reviewed by the senior team at Aston Martin Works and includes original history dating right back to build record information where possible, the results are then provided to the owner accompanied by an Assured Provenance certificate. Owners wanting an even more detailed examination of their vehicle will still be able to opt for the Assured Provenance Certified programme which involves an assessment at Aston Martin Works and offers four levels of verification including a painstaking digital scan. Aston Martin owners interested in these services should contact the Aston Martin Works team for further details.

Images courtesy of Aston Martin Works

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