Journal: Czech Out the Most Interesting Man in the World

Czech Out the Most Interesting Man in the World

Petrolicious Productions By Petrolicious Productions
April 8, 2014

Some say he’s the Czech Republic’s preeminent photo-realist painter. While others claim he’s won an American Motion Picture Academy award (an Oscar) for costume design in the film Amadeus (he has). Indeed, Mr. Theodor Pištěk continues to lead an exciting life. He raced cars, representing Czechoslovakia internationally until retiring from motor racing in the ’70s and has been working as an artist since the late 1960s. As mentioned, he has received critical acclaim for his sartorial work and is actually responsible for designing the Prague Castle Guard’s uniforms at the request of his friend, Václav Havel, then the first democratically elected leader in over forty years.

Theodor’s artistic abilities are of the highest order as well. As the Czech republic’s premier photo-realist painter, his work has been featured internationally and frequently include details designed to fool the eye–painted photos seemingly tacked to the work, whose shading is so convincing that the rendered objects appear to break the canvas into the third dimension.

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Jake Carson

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