Journal: Automotive Artist Brings Ferrari and DeLorean Paintings to Life

Automotive Artist Brings Ferrari and DeLorean Paintings to Life

By Petrolicious Productions
October 2, 2013

When we came across Canadian artist Grant Thomas’ work, two things were immediately apparent: (1) He loves Ferrari and (2) he loves DeLorean; which are both ok in our book. Grant’s work explores iconic automobiles, dancing reflections and airy watercolors giving his chosen marques the drama they deserve.

What makes his work unique is his ability to combine realism with playful illustration techniques. Delicate line work and subject juxtaposition help draw in the viewer to the intricate detail in every piece.

Grant has been known to take home a few awards for his work, including the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada “Art of the Automobile” award.

Grant is a recognized member of the Club Auto Artistes and an invited member of the Transportation Artists and Authors Guild, and his work has been featured around North America. He can often be found attending local Ontario, Canada car and art shows.

To see more of Grant Thomas’ work or to commission him for a project, visit his site at

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1 year ago

Whether you want simple or ornate decor, you can easily work with what you have in your home.

1 year ago

By making a stunning centerpiece and using nice dinnerware for each guest, you’ll have a spirited table for the season!

Jakub Wrobel
Jakub Wrobel
9 years ago

He’s got some lovely art work on his website; might have to consider getting something done by him.