Events: Display Your Car At The Petrolicious Drivers' Meeting On May 12

Display Your Car At The Petrolicious Drivers’ Meeting On May 12

By News Desk
April 10, 2019

Would you like your car to go on display at the first ever Petrolicious Drivers’ Meeting at Bicester Heritage, Oxfordshire, UK, on May 12? There’s still a chance to nominate your car for display in the main curated area, or to park it in the special ‘Drive Tastefully’ car park. If you have something special, or a car that fits into one of the display categories, such as Homologation Specials, 100 Years of Zagato or 30th Birthday (cars that were launched in 1989) then let us know on the online form below.

Nominate your car here

Even if we’re not able to fit your car into the curated display area this year, you’ll be able to park at the event in the designated ‘Drive Tastefully’ car park at the event. Let us know what you’ve got—and see you on May 12!

To buy tickets for the event click here.

Images courtesy of Bicester Heritage and Amy Shore

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John Holland
John Holland
4 years ago

This was an excellent and well organised Petrolicious meeting in Britain. Good cars, Good food, Good times. Cheers Petrolicious !

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