Featured: Event Recap: Period Correct And Audi Launch A Capsule Collection

Event Recap: Period Correct And Audi Launch A Capsule Collection

By Ted Gushue
December 16, 2016

Photography courtesy Denis Podmarkov

Slickster automotive fashion label Period Correct has been putting out minimal aesthetic gear for a few seasons now. We’re big fans of the way that they distill automotive heritage into an incredibly tidy packages, backed in part by one of our heroes, Jeff Zwart.

They’ve just teamed up with Audi to do something that’s a little non-traditional for the brand. Now I may be venting my own frustration here, but for a carmaker like Audi that has such rich ties to motorsport, I find that they do less than they could to celebrate their heritage. By comparison, BMW has the massive BMW Group Classic division, servicing every classic on the road today as well as campaigning some incredibly special cars around the world. Audi has been a bit lacking in this area, so when I see them doing something like this I get quite excited.

Have a look at the event in case you weren’t able to drop by, it’s rather nice to ogle a SportQuattro now and again. Care to snag anything that you see? It’s all available at Period-correct.com

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Dennis Cavallino
Dennis Cavallino
7 years ago

Google: Audi Tradition.

Audi does an amazing amount of events with their classic car collection. From events like Goodwood to rebuilding old (and long gone) Auto Union Grand Prix cars. And all Sport quattro’s driven by old Audi-heroes at rally stages for journalists. I’m not a big Audi fan, but they do know how to keep their spirit alive.

Guitar Slinger
Guitar Slinger
7 years ago

Much as I despise the company [ ever since my S4 debacle ].. gonna have to agree with you on this . Everyone from Walter Rohrl etc has been involved in everything from their BTC , ETC to WEC , IMSA monsters … their constant involvement in Reinhard Klein’s classic rally events … their Group B revival efforts etc etc et al . And to Audi’ credit when questions came into play over the impending auction of one of their Auto Union GP racers they were the first even before the auction house had a clue to pull the plug . So … yeah … sorry Ted .. but y’all missed the boat on this one good sir !

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