Journal: Every Photo We Took At ToyotaFest

Every Photo We Took At ToyotaFest

By Chris Gonzalez
May 9, 2016

Photography by Abhi Chatterjee & Chris Gonzalez

There were Toyotas, Toyotas, everywhere. Twenty years of holding a car show is a huge milestone, and it’s something this year’s All Toyotafest achieved right beside the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California. Focused on pre-’85 models, I was awestruck by the number of machines I’ve never seen before.

With photographer Abhi Chatterjee by my side, we stalked the grounds for interesting older models and found too many to list. There were Corollas, Sprinters, Celicas, FJs, MR2s, and 2000GTs; to see Toyota’s history together was a rare treat. The show itself is put on by the Toyota Owners and Restorers Club, so you can bet it knows where a lot of the “unicorn” cars live in the U.S.

Here’s our selection of photos for the older cars at the show—this is by no means everything we saw at the event, but it’s not likely you’ll see a fully-customized-for-sound Toyota Matrix on Petrolicious anytime soon. There was something for everyone at ToyotaFest, and it was definitely easy to see why the event has 20 years behind it…and hopefully many more to come.

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7 years ago

SO much goodness here

7 years ago

Thumps up! Very nice cars. I have a soft spot for Toyota’s older models and in general i appreciate how they make cars.

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