Gear: Fall into Tad Orlowski’s Lush Paintings of Classic Cars

Fall into Tad Orlowski’s Lush Paintings of Classic Cars

By Petrolicious Productions
April 14, 2015

With an eye for incredible composition across photography, fine art—and even advertising design concepts—Tad Orlowski’s library of automotive projects is both extensive and compelling.

Orlowski has had a lot of time to consider a car’s form, having worked as a designer at both McLaren Automotive and Bertone. Painting only started a few years ago as an activity to relax with, too. For now, he’s working on a certain style—a car’s “face”.

“I have decided to focus on car’s faces, and eventually build the whole collection out of it,” Orlowski writes. “I wanted to keep a consistent form from all of the paintings together—different cars, but the same approach.”

It’s a series of front views that feature iconic cars like the Porsche 911, 917, and 904; the Jaguar E-Type; and the Ferrari 250 GTE, among others. To our eyes, the depictions are mesmerising because they’re both detailed and a bit imprecise—and from the front, can you tell if the car is moving or stationary?

“Sometimes, I pick my favourite models and I know I have to have them painted. Sometimes, a certain vehicle just hits me over the head like a bombshell and I know it’s worth of painting,” Orlowski says. “It’s kind of never-ending project. It doesn’t have schedule. I’m not a painter or an artist—just a car afficionado.”

You can see his work on his website,, and “Like” his Facebook page.


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Alex Smith
Alex Smith
8 years ago

Wow fine arts! It has drawn very neat & cleanly, the above posted classical car paints are looking very outstanding and excellent. We must have to clean our car regularly to feel like a new car. Awesome painting Tad Orlowski’s. Thank you so much for sharing with us.
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Emily Lopez
Emily Lopez
9 years ago

Actually paintings are very much energetic that to it provides an enthusiasm for racing and keeping the car clean means a feel of always new car. As there are many types of Sports car available in market we need to focus which one is giving good [url=””]mileage with less emission[/url] so only it will help us to save some bucks from fuel mileage.

Christopher Gay
Christopher Gay
9 years ago

Now these are beautiful. My family and I each picked our favorites.

An earlier post asked “Why can’t modern racing posters be this cool?”

My response remains the same: I don’t see any reason why they can’t be. You just have to convince the suits.

Thanks for sharing.

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