Market Finds: Gift Giving Made Him an Artist

Gift Giving Made Him an Artist

By Benjamin Shahrabani
February 18, 2015

We are certainly well removed from the golden age of poster art, a time before the ubiquity of photography, and that’s a shame because the format provides a wonderful medium for almost limitless creative possibilities. That age is kept alive thanks to the efforts of artists like Steve Schenko. Hailing from Australia, Schenko background contains fifteen years experience in the trenches of the advertising business, and he has worked on campaigns for several international brands such as Woolworths, and Pizza Hut amongst others.

Schenko’s car posters came into being almost by happenstance when he wanted to give a unique gift to a valued client. Since he and the client were ardent car enthusiasts, it seemed apt to give an automotive-based present. Schenko used his skills to design a bespoke one-off print of the client’s 911 GT3, complete to the smallest details – From the stickers that he put on his car to the number plates. This first poster led to that client wanting a print to gift upon famed Australian Porsche “body man” Ron Goodman. Things spun out from there, and Schenko’s new venture, 1-of-1 , is a place where one can see Schenko’s previous work, or even commission a poster of their own car or motorcycle. “Each one is one-off, and I capture all the mods the clients have done right down to stickers on the windows”. Schenko says 1-of-1 is probably never going to be a big business, but he’s passionate about cars, and design, and when one can morph these twin passions together, who’s complaining?

Schenko has an exclusive offer for Petrolisti. Readers can save 15% when you quote “Petrolicious” when you order an unframed print through his site, Posters are made especially for you, and will not be replicated. They aren’t inexpensive, but good design rarely is.

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