News: Ferrari 250 GT Europa Takes Top Honors At The Latest, And Newly Aesthetics-Minded, Concours D’Elégance Suisse

Ferrari 250 GT Europa Takes Top Honors At The Latest, And Newly Aesthetics-Minded, Concours D’Elégance Suisse

By News Desk
June 26, 2019

A rare 1953 Ferrari 250 GT Europa by Vignale has won the highest distinction at the latest Concours d’Elégance Suisse, taking the Best in Show prize and on top of that claiming the show’s Jury President’s Choice Award. Nearly 3000 visitors attended the Swiss event, which took place last weekend on June 22 and 23.

More than 90 vintage cars were assessed across 17 classes of excellence, and the international multi-disciplinary jury awarded 42 prizes based on technical and aesthetic attributes. It all took place in the spectacular setting of the Château de Coppet, former residence of the famous French-Swiss author Germaine de Staël, with panoramic views of Mont-Blanc and Lake Geneva.

This was the fourth Concours d’Elégance Suisse (CES), and it had a difference on the previous ones as this year greater importance in the adjudication process was given to aesthetics. The Ferrari 250 GT Europa, with coachwork by Vignale and presented at the Paris Motor Show in 1953, was unanimously awarded both of its CES accolades, with its highlighted qualities including authenticity and history as well as pure aesthetics.

“It is a real joy to see that the orientation chosen for our competition, and the importance we have decided to devote to aesthetic elegance, are recognized by the most eminent personalities in the world of vintage cars and prestigious automotive design,” said concours founder Mathias Doutreleau. “Let’s hit the road toward a fifth amazing edition!”

Achim Anscheidt, who chaired the jury as well as is Bugatti’s design director, added: “With my first participation at the CES as the president of the jury, I was honored and thrilled to find a new balance between the fascinating knowledge of the automotive heritage specialists and the experienced eye for expression and style shown by my fellow designers. Together with the marvelous setting by Lake Geneva, the event is developing into a delightful highlight within the culture of automotive elegance.”

Another Ferrari at the show claimed an all-new trophy, Best of Sound, which as the name indicates rewards the most outstanding engine noise. Jury members agreed on that of the 1961 Ferrari GT 250 Berlinetta from the Modena Cars Collection, and the recorded sounds of all the vehicles presented will be archived. “We are particularly pleased to see the enthusiasm of the participants, the jury and even the public for the new Best of Sound award implemented by BOSE,” added Doutreleau.

Bentley’s 100th anniversary this year was also marked at the concours, and a 1951 Bentley Mark VI Cresta II won its class, Bentley since 1919: The cars from Crewe. While another famous Bentley, a 1932 8-liter Drop Head Coupe Thrupp & Maberly, won first prize in its class, Bentley since 1919: From Cricklewood to Derby. Several other marques’ anniversaries were celebrated at the show, which included Citroën’s centenary, and a stunning 1965 Citroën DS19 M convertible won first prize in the class: Le centenaire de Citroën, La Déesse d’André Lefèbvre–named after the famous engineer.

In addition, a 1935 Hispano Suiza K6 cabriolet by coachbuilder Brandone won second prize in the Best of Show award as well as first prize in its class: Automobiles d’avant-guerre, les grandes routières.

Images courtesy of Concours d’Elégance Suisse

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