Gear: Finally, The Caterham Seven Has Been Transformed Into Lego

Finally, The Caterham Seven Has Been Transformed Into Lego

By Michael Banovsky
September 15, 2016

A pattern is emerging: a talented amateur LEGO designer posts pictures and a description of a homemade model, fans go wild for it, and it’s eventually turned into an official LEGO set. Seeing how well-proportioned Carl Greatrix’s take on the Caterham Seven 620R is, there’s no doubt it’ll be a popular item for enthusiasts to collect and build once it goes on sale this fall.

It’s taken a while, actually. Work began in late 2014 with Greatrix’ initial build. Full of detail, well-proportioned, and with variations easy enough for LEGO enthusiasts to modify to taste, it quickly gained the votes needed to gain LEGO’s attention. Working with Henrik Andersen from the toymaker, the latest iteration of the design uses 771 bricks to recreate the track day special and earn its place among the other vehicles that have been immortalized in plastic pieces.

Come October 1, you’ll need a space on your desk roughly a foot long and 5” (14 cm) in width…plus a bit more if you’re planning on using the included cones to create a slalom for yourself jack stands for the inevitable repairs.

H/T Lego

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