Travel: Formula 1 Cars In An Unnatural Habitat

Formula 1 Cars In An Unnatural Habitat

By Nat Twiss
July 16, 2015

Photography by: Nat Twiss

It’s always a treat to see an F1 car. It doesn’t matter how you feel about the current situation in the elite tier of open wheel racing—there is just something about Formula One that grabs you by the shoulders and shakes you to your core. Or, at least it does for me. One great car is enough, but the collection that was on display and driving at the Goodwood Festival of Speed was, frankly, astounding.

A perfect mix of new and old, and piloted by some of the legends who made Formula One what it is today. Stewart, Surtees, Moss, Button, Raikkonnen, Rosberg, and more were on the hill over the weekend, in cars that ranged from pre-aero legends like the Lotus 49, through the ground effect era, right to more contemporary cars like the Ferrari F10.

There was a moment at the Festival that sticks out to me more than any of the others was on the Friday, for the first run of the Formula cars. Nothing made my hair stand up on end more than seeing the crowd growing at the barriers, the grandstands packed, everybody clamoring to see these legendary machines, kids being lifted on to parents’ shoulders, and the anticipation mounting as the first car started its run, the high revs reverberating through the entire Goodwood Estate like a tornado siren.

Everything that is great about the Festival of Speed was condensed into those moments, and it was truly memorable to experience. Now, I’ll let the images do the talking… 

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Fantastic photographs.

And speaking of F1 in unnatural habitat, Shell’s “Circuit” advert is a genius expression of this notion:

Paul Thompson
Paul Thompson

Very nice work Mr Twiss!

These F1 cars are all very well but obviously the Edwardian land speed record breakers were the star of the show.

Ian Miles
Ian Miles

Pretty miserable and pompous comment Guitar Slinger. Have you been to FOS? It is the closest many people will ever get to all sorts of racing cars and those that drive them, even with VIP paddock access at any normal race meeting. Seeing these cars up close is fascinating as is talking to the owners. It must also be unique for the drivers having the chance to try other cars, all wrapped up in a great loaction. The hillclimb is simply an excuse to assemble all the cars and drivers each year. It is an intimate and intoxicating experience and… Read more »

Guitar Slinger
Guitar Slinger

Personally I find F1 and GP cars classic or otherwise taken completely out of their element to be on one hand more than a bit pretentious [ because they’re pretending to run full throttle when in fact they are not ] and on the other rather unsettling and disturbing due to the underlying reasons for their presence at such an event . The worst example being Honda trying to run their F1 car at the Bonneville Salt Flats recently .