Featured: GALLERY: Behind The Scenes On Our 1975 Austin Mini Film Shoot

GALLERY: Behind The Scenes On Our 1975 Austin Mini Film Shoot

Petrolicious Productions By Petrolicious Productions
March 7, 2017

Photography by Maxence Massaro

Each week with every film we produce we’re going to aim to give you a bit of a gallery from behind the scenes. This week we take a ride in Maxime Delestre’s 1975 Austin Mini through the rural back roads just outside of Normandie, France.

The grandson of a Peugeot salesman and son of a rally co-driver, Maxime grew up within a passionate petrolhead family. After watching his father compete in rallies for years, at the age of 17 Maxime earned his own rally co-driver permit, following in his father’s flame suit and helmet-toting footsteps.

At 18, Maxime secured his driver’s license—a possession we so easily forget we all once craved to attain. Immediately, he made way for the twisting-and-turning roads ideal for the spirited driving he wished to explore. There was just one problem: Max felt modern cars weren’t delivering the experience he so desired.

“Something was missing. It lacked noise, it lacked vibration, and it didn’t smell of anything.” Naturally, Maxime realized only an analog machine from the past could fulfill his driving needs. Being an 18-year-old student posed a financial limitation, but as we know, a small car fund can buy small car fun—a classic Mini was the obvious choice.

After a short stint with a deteriorating 1992 Mini Sprite, Maxime was able to source a stunning bronze 1975 Austin Mini that he’s still revving out-and-about today. Finally satisfied with the Mini, Max confesses there were some growing pains involved with the coming of age process.

With cars and competition always on the mind, Maxime admits it was often a distraction. “In school, I spent more time drawing in my books than studying. The teachers hated me for it.” Instead of making his enthusiasm for machines and doodling a complication, Maxime decided to turn it into a career by studying automotive design.

“The nice thing is that I can use many different aspects—the past with vintage cars such as the Mini, the present with racing cars and fun fast driving—and try to incorporate all [of] this in the future,” Maxime explains.

With the right car, mentality, and career path underway, Maxime Delestre is hope for the continued fun to be had for generations playing with, driving, racing, and experiencing cars worth getting excited about.

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Maciej Burger
Maciej Burger

Beautiful pictures! Does anyone know what colour is this mini?

A Dias
A Dias

That Mini is a 1964 model (not 1975) and so is stated in the French video track. It has a few mods; it is the Austin variety even though it has a mini badge. It has full crank windows when originally it had horizontally sliding panels.

Pedro Valente Silva
Pedro Valente Silva


I think is a MKI with some mods from MKII and MKIII, to. But is very cool and the color is fantastic!

Austin Leonard Automotive
Austin Leonard Automotive

Looking at the size of the doors and lack of hinges, it probably is a 1975 with converted tail lights, boot lid, grill, and bumpers. The bodywork required to fit later doors to an MK1 would be insane haha

A Dias
A Dias

@Austin_Leonard_Automotive – I failed to notice the absent external hinges that should exist on a ’64 model, but the car’s owner clearly states his car is a ‘soixante-quatre’ model, and short of the missing hinges the rest fits.

Austin Leonard Automotive
Austin Leonard Automotive

I’m trying to make videos like this of my cars for my channel (cinematically wise), and would REALLY love to know how you got such beautiful shots with the lighting and glare etc. I shoot and film with a Canon T5i so I understand I won’t get this kind of quality, but I would be greatly appreciative if you could explain how you got these shots and video. Thank you!!

-Austin Leonard Automotive

Enrico Brancher

What’s your channel?

Austin Leonard Automotive
Austin Leonard Automotive

Austin Leonard Automotive on YouTube 🙂

Enrico Brancher

Reminds me of me and my own mini 🙂

Austin Leonard Automotive
Austin Leonard Automotive

Missing my old Mini about now :'(