Travel: GALLERY: Mingling With A Variety Of Vintage Metal In Berlin

GALLERY: Mingling With A Variety Of Vintage Metal In Berlin

By Alex Sobran
May 17, 2017

Photography by Kathryn Rowan

The Oldtimertage Berlin-Brandenburg is an annual gathering in celebration of what Germany and some other countries dub “old timers.” As is typical of the country, things are a little more well-defined. In America for instance, we throw around the phrase “modern classic” from time to time, but it’s pretty much accepted that anything from a first-generation NSX to a Model T can fall under the umbrella that is “classic cars.” In Germany however, they would certainly split the two: the Honda is a young timer, the Ford an old timer.

Of course, there is some blurriness around the seams, so it’s not as if there’s some arbitrary model year underlying the distinction between the two groups, for obvious reasons; the same chassis could be produced across the dividing year, making what is ostensibly the same car a member of both groups. Silly. 

A deeper look into the way a car descends (ascends?) through the various levels of vintage-ness is for another story though, so for now, enjoy this gallery from the event, and from inside the venue at Berlin’s Classic Remise. We’ve previously stopped in to check out the great collection that’s on offer year round at Classic Remise, but with an extra influx of beautiful cars coming out for the Oldtimertage, both on the younger and older side of time, we figure you won’t mind another visit.


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Sameer sharma

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Arijit LP Talukdar

Where can I get the full sized images???


Does anyone know what the wedge shaped grey racer is? Looks a bit like a modern version of a Lancia Stratos.

Felix Carstensen
Felix Carstensen

I thought the same, then re-googled the Lancia Stratos ‘New Stratos’ and breathed a sigh of relief that the one pictured above is much uglier

Brad Micklea
Brad Micklea

It appears it’s a Fenomenon Stratos concept from the 2005 Geneva motor show (via A one-off concept study done (I think) by studio d3.