Featured: GALLERY: Visiting Hamburg's Glorious Prototyp Museum

GALLERY: Visiting Hamburg’s Glorious Prototyp Museum

By Ted Gushue
October 4, 2017

I never know why I’m surprised when I stumble into things like the Prototyp Museum in places like Hamburg. Of course the Berlin-Rom-Wagen Porsche Prototype racer would be hidden inside a converted warehouse. Of course they would have the Mathé Fetzenflieger sitting casually on display. Ahh, there’s Porsche’s attempt at Formula 1, right next to the NSU Kompressor Record Car.

Since 2008 this 2500 square meter space has been allowing car guys and girls an exceptional look into motoring history, almost entirely without barrier or restriction. Stick your head inside the cockpit of a Glöcker? Go right ahead sir! It’s a dream scenario. I did my best to capture the energy in there, but let this gallery serve as an appetizer for when you make the pilgrimage to Hamburg.

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6 years ago

I don’t suppose somewhere hidden in that glorious pile lies at least one of the two VW Micro Buses Porsche built as a chase vehicle when testing the 959 complete with a naturally aspirated version of the 959’s drive train underneath … does it ?



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