Market Finds: Good Looks and Eight-Cylinder Muscle "Come Together" in This Jensen

Good Looks and Eight-Cylinder Muscle “Come Together” in This Jensen

By Petrolicious Productions
August 5, 2014

The car: 1967 Jensen Interceptor

Price: $24,000 (reserve)

Location: Traverse City, Michigan, USA

Seller’s Info: click here

The Jensen Interceptor of the 1960s was a combination of European style and elegance, and American horsepower. This particular specimen from 1967 is a mixture of those characteristics and several updated components.

Evidently, this right-hand-drive four-seater’s fusion of beauty and brawn drew the attention of a big name in the entertainment industry. According to the seller, this Interceptor was first owned by director Richard Lester, who was at the helm of the Beatles films “A Hard Day’s Night” and “Help!”

Although the body does have some rust, it also has a “repaint by a previous owner that was… matched to its original Stratosphere Blue factory colour.” Under the unusual sheet metal are new front and rear brake calipers; fuel, brake, and transmission lines; tie rod ends, and rear shocks. The suspension was sandblasted, then painted and refurbished with SuperFlex polyurethane bushings. A bigger master cylinder was added; it provides “nice and confident braking.”

On the inside, the driver’s seat back cover was replaced, as were the “burl walnut centre console facias.” Modern speakers were added and the wood steering wheel was refurbished.

Some of the hardware connected to the 383 cubic-inch Chrysler V8 was refreshed, too. For instance, the carburetor was reconstructed. A larger air filter assembly was fitted. The “cracked Exhaust [sic] manifold [was] replaced with a used contemporary mk1” unit.

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Petrolicious makes no claim as to the accuracy of the information contained in the car’s original listing, nor will it be held responsible for any errors in said information. If you’re interested in this car, do your homework and research it extensively before you buy.

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Paul Steel
Paul Steel
9 years ago

A very underrated model in comparison to the Aston v8, at good buy at the moment I recon.