Gear: Groovy Jazz Inspired by the Automotive Icons of the 1970s

Groovy Jazz Inspired by the Automotive Icons of the 1970s

By Petrolicious Productions
August 27, 2014

Elektrojazz is a Danish band that has put together a concept album based on 1970s cars, appropriately titled Cars. Conceived by bandleader Mr. Anders Larson, he is now officially out of the closet–as a Petrolista!

As a jazz musician living in Denmark (with the world’s highest car taxes–over 200%!), buying a dream car is currently out of his reach. So instead, he decided to write music to accompany and pay homage to his favorites. Since the music is inspired by the sound of the seventies, Elektrojazz chose to focus on cars from this era. Each track on the album is dedicated to a specific car model, and they received help from Petrolisti around the world to pick the right ones. Elektrojazz also managed to force some of their own cars onto the track list too, such as the AMC Pacer (Pacer Blues is on the track list).

Sadly, none of the band members currently own classic cars. Anders did have a banged-up but lovely ’87 Toyota Supra last year, but managed to sell it just before it started to ruin him financially and actually managed a refund for car taxes from the Danish government exceeding what he paid for the car. Yeah, it’s a bit of a long story but if you’re into groovy jazz, the music is great and if you buy a CD, Anders will be one step closer to getting back in a classic.

Elektrojazz combines rare grooves with funky Latin and soulful jazz, and their mission is to create the perfect album for the perfect road trip–whether you’re driving one of the 1970s cars that inspired the album or simply using your imagination. If you manage to check them out at a show, you might also be treated to some classic metal. Not music, mind you, but one of their promoters surprised Elektrojazz by placing a Citroen DS on the stage where they played!

Head over to their site to pick up a copy, here!

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Riyaz Khatri
Riyaz Khatri
1 year ago

The 1970s were a golden era for the automotive industry. – Ester Adams

Bernice Anthea
Bernice Anthea
2 years ago

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9 years ago

A lot of videos on Petrolicious are beautifully shot and use great soundtracks as well. Could somebody put up a list of all the tracks that have been used in all the videos? I’d be very grateful.

Thanks and regards,


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