Journal: Help Kickstart A Brumos Porsche Documentary, Win Our Respect

Help Kickstart A Brumos Porsche Documentary, Win Our Respect

By Michael Banovsky
February 2, 2016

Photos courtesy of ISC Archives & Porsche

We’re obviously fans of the Porsches prepared for battle by Brumos Racing, and very much because of the huge talent displayed for years by Peter Gregg and Hurley Haywood. We recently spoke to Haywood, and he touched on those early years, but considering the immense success of Brumos Racing in period, it’s only fitting that it’s getting the feature film treatment.

Filmmaker Derek Dodge is working on Hurley Haywood & Peter Gregg: The Untold Story, a documentary about one of the greatest teams in sports car racing history—and an unstoppable driver pairing. Dodge has the full support of Haywood and others close to the story, and has nearly wrapped up interviews.

With a huge amount of period footage and what is promised as a never-before-seen look at the private lives of Haywood and Gregg, it’s still not a mainstream Hollywood film, and so needs the help of the enthusiast community to get completed.

Yes, it’s being funded on Kickstarter, but that means Dodge is able to offer some sweet perks, including one-on-one chats with Haywood. You’ll be able to watch for a pledge of about $10, and own the finished film for $25.

To help support this intriguing Porsche-filled documentary, visit the project’s Kickstarter page.

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