Gear: Help Kickstart GranTurismo Magazine

Help Kickstart GranTurismo Magazine

By Petrolicious Productions
January 18, 2013

There are many ways that we petrolheads get our car fixes, and with everything being digital these days, it is easier than ever.  As fantastic as the internet is though, it’s nice sometimes to step away from our computers and pick up something tangible to read and browse. Unfortunately, the car magazine industry is dwindling, since more and more of the publications are moving exclusively to the internet.

Now car magazine GranTurismo steps in and brings with it the passion and desire to continue the analog format, which we at Petrolicious definitely don’t want to see disappear.

Creating a new magazine isn’t the only goal that those behind GranTurismo are looking to achieve, because they are also literally looking to turn the standard magazine format on its side.  This would produce a 11×9 magazine, and the reasoning behind this wide magazine is that cars are wider than they are tall.

That makes sense to us, and we would love to see some quality automotive magazine published here in the United States.  Check out GranTurismo‘s Kickstarter project and if you’re interested, help fund the project and make it happen.

– – –

Watch the video below for more details, and click here to help fund the GranTurismo Magazine’s Kickstarter project. There are less than two weeks left! 

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Jorge Rueda
Jorge Rueda
7 years ago

Just the US?! *Sigh*

Jonathon Glazebrook
11 years ago

Here’s to hoping – three days left and a lot of ground ($$$) to cover, but stranger things have happened.

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