Gear: Help Kickstart This Grand Prix-Inspired Board Game

Help Kickstart This Grand Prix-Inspired Board Game

By Michael Banovsky
March 8, 2016

Truth be told, I’m not a huge fan of board games. There are rules to be followed and pieces to be lost, and even the most “simple” modern ones—I’m looking at you, Settlers—seems to have a million different pieces and variables. In contrast, the game you see here has a simple folding board, six pieces, a standard stack of playing cards, dice, and…that’s about it. So when I saw Lacorsa, I reached out to its creator, Mark Haskins, to see if he’d bring it by the Petrolicious office for a round or two.

The objective is simple: you’ve got to pass your rivals. Each race sees all cards drawn to players, who in turn use their hand as a resource to be managed. Like in War, you’re constantly waging battle—in this case for position on the single-track board—with other players through the use of these cards. Higher cards are better as far as position goes, so players who start the race from the back after qualifying will be challenging players ahead using their best cards.

We played three races, and I finished second, fourth, and first—ranking just behind Haskins in total points. There was a lot of strategy that played out, and the game’s versatility had us wondering how differently we could have raced. For instance, players can control multiple cars, scoring points for each; it’s possible to add in “crashes”, which take out two cars if players draw a tie. With races taking well under 30 minutes, especially once players are familiar with how it works, you’ll want to run multiple rounds to determine a winner…especially if you’re on a losing streak.

Haskins is funding his project through Kickstarter, and you’re able to order a copy today. If Lacorsa is fully funded, production will start and the first round of games is expected to be in your hands by January 2017.

Having played just a few rounds already, it’ll be a long wait. Check it out!

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1 month ago

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1 year ago

Board games – entertainment and development in one box. They imitate life situations, teach you to quickly find solutions and compromises. I love Scrabble, and sometimes I use these tool all the same, this is a very cool educational game for a great time with friends

4 years ago
Guitar Slinger
Guitar Slinger(@gtrslngr)
5 years ago

Its been done already with almost the exact same formant …. many times . Failed miserably every time previous despite F1 being at the pinnacle of its popularity and the game(s) being heavily financed and promoted . So with F1 on a rapid descent into obscurity as fun as this game may be …. whats the point ?

And err …. they’d better look into both the potential copyright issues [ see above comment ] not to mention the serious licensing issues with F1 the FIA and especially Uncle Bernie . Suffice it to say stepping on Bernie’s toes when it comes to the almighty Dollar/Pound/Euro is not advised for even the most well heeled amongst us … never mind some Kickstarter effort with barely a dollar to its name

5 years ago
Reply to  Guitar Slinger

They never mentioned F1 and F1 nor the FIA has any sort of rights regarding open wheel racers nor the term Gran Prix or Lacorsa. I think that nearly all of the people who frequent this site are tired of you trying to interject yourself into every article on this site, especially considering the misinformation you seem to spread.

As far as the game goes, I think it has potential but it seems as though it might be better if it was actually a board game with a full track. First car to do X amount of laps, potential for accidents or broken parts etc.