Gear: Holiday Gift Guide #1: Kids Wanna Drive Too

Holiday Gift Guide #1: Kids Wanna Drive Too

By Petrolicious Productions
December 6, 2012

I know, I know—you’re putting aside the money for a 2002tii or some other necessary toy for yourself, but what about your kids? Don’t you think they wanna get themselves a set of brand new wheels? You can make them happy this holiday season with only a small fraction of what you would spend restoring a 911. A retro pedal car will put a glimmer of hope in your child’s eye that says: “He’s not going to spend my college fund on another project.”

If you have two kids, perhaps you should get two cars and send them off racing down the street. Maybe your child can’t even reach the pedal yet. In that case, there are environmentally-friendly alternatives to the die-cast car of your youth that will keep kids busy for hours. And just in case all that happens to the toys is that they get chewed on, at least they’d be difficult to accidentally swallow.

All kidding aside, the right gift this holiday season says: “I love you, kid,” and that’s something they should hear over and over again.

Products (clockwise from top left): 1. Toy Car & Bus Cut-Outs 2. 3D Model Toy Car Collection 3. Vintage Gas Station Pump 4. Streamliner Classic Organic Car 5. Vintage Racing Cap & Goggles 6. Le Mans Pedal Car 

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5 years ago

What an amazing article!

Christopher Gay
Christopher Gay
10 years ago

The racing is going very well, thanks. Good times!
At his age, they are all Super Kids. I’m just glad I can hand down a taste for the vintage petrol. Who knows what they will be driving in 10 years…?

Christopher Gay
Christopher Gay
10 years ago

Fortunately, I already have the 2002tii.
And (un)fortunately, the boy has probably asked Santa for a HANS.
Yes, the kids wanna drive, too. Judging by his taste in vehicles, we’re gonna need a sponsor.
Happy holidays!

Afshin Behnia
Afshin Behnia
10 years ago

Hey Chris,
We need to come up with a new gift guide for Super Kids like Julian! Seriously though, you gotta be very proud. How’s he doing in his races?