Gear: 2016 Holiday Gift Guide #5: Leather & Steel

2016 Holiday Gift Guide #5: Leather & Steel

By Petrolicious Productions
December 8, 2016

Over the next few weeks you’ll see us putting together some of our favorite items from the Petrolicious store, thoughtfully coordinated into themes that celebrate cars & motorsport heritage.

What is it that draws us back to these machines day after day? Is it the feeling you get when driving down a curvy road? What about the sound a car makes when the ignition key is turned? For some, it could be the finer details. The way the steel is worked to create the lines we know and love. The smell and feel of the leather inside the car. These finer details are the inspiration behind our fifth holiday gift guide. The products included are:

  • Curves of Steel by Coachbuild Press
  • Gated Shifter Tee by CURB
  • Stringback Driving Gloves by Autodromo
  • Leather Keyring by Raidillon
  • The Mille Shoe by Piloti

Head on over the shop and check out the leather and steel inspired collection.

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