Gear: 2016 Holiday Gift Guide #3: Checkered Flag

2016 Holiday Gift Guide #3: Checkered Flag

By Petrolicious Productions
November 29, 2016

Over the next few weeks you’ll see us putting together some of our favorite items from the Petrolicious store, thoughtfully coordinated into themes that celebrate cars & motorsport heritage.

Forget the bright colors of BMW’s art cars or the Gulf’s eye-catching livery. In racing there are only two colors that matter: black and white. Our latest holiday guide is inspired by the flag reserved for winners.

Celebrate victory with Remove Before’s minimalistic Alfa Tipo 33 print, guaranteed to pop on any wall. For a more wearable symbol of your passion, our black and white Made to Drive original tee is a reminder of what the machines we love are made to do. When you’re on the track make sure you’re wearing a pair of Prototipo GT shoes. With Piloti’s patented Roll Control™ spherical heel the Prototipo GT shoe ensures rapid and smooth braking during heel-and-toe downshifting. And if you want to ensure that checkered flag will be waved for only you, you don’t need us to remind you to keep an eye on your timings. Autodromo’s Prototipo Chronograph is one of the most stylish ways we know of doing just that.

Head on over the shop and check out the Martini Racing inspired collection.


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