Featured: Help Us Find This Stolen BMW 325iX

Help Us Find This Stolen BMW 325iX

By Petrolicious Productions
December 16, 2014

Photography by Rémi Dargegen for Petrolicious

Back in August, we featured this Diamond Black, 1990 BMW 325iX, Phase 2, in an article by Doug DeMuro. It features BBS wheels, a sport interior, electric sunroof, and Hartge spoiler. Unfortunately, it seems that the car was stolen earlier today while undergoing service in a closed garage in Maurepas, near Paris, next to the Pariwest shopping mall. The car’s VIN is as follows: WBAAB91000ED02487. We will post additional info as soon as we have it. But if you see this car, please contact us so that we can get in touch with the owner and authorities. Thanks in advance!

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Daisy Knight
Daisy Knight
9 years ago


Yeah its really sad, But its such a nice car. Personally I love BMW’s in black color.


Ronnie M
Ronnie M
9 years ago

Wow, that’s a nice ride. The perfect amount of patina without lending to corrosion. I hate to hear someone was parted with it. I hope it is recovered soon.

Yan Wei Phin
Yan Wei Phin
9 years ago

sad to hear that 🙁 hope to get back the car asap.

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