Gear: Here's How To Put These Beautifully Deconstructed Cars On Your Wall

Here’s How To Put These Beautifully Deconstructed Cars On Your Wall

By Petrolicious Productions
September 14, 2016

Unless your nose is pressed right up to the body of an interesting classic car, it’s tough to pick out the tiny details that define most masterpieces. When we saw Rachel Shuler’s photography, however, we were instantly drawn to it for that very reason: it invites to you stand closely and stare.

Of course, we had to offer these prints in our shop, and the result is the “Deconstructed” series. Available in a number of size and print options, Shuler’s images show machines as diverse as the Alfa Romeo 4C and Ford Thunderbird in an abstract, intense amount of detail.

To enhance the effect of looking directly at a specific point on a vehicle, the smallest print available is 11 x 17 inches, the largest 20 x 30 inches. Your choice of luster or metallic paper ensures no detail is lost, with each giving a unique glow to the finished piece. New to the store are metal plate prints, where the Deconstructed series is reproduced on aluminum metal substrate and includes hanging hardware. Please note that the metal plate prints are only available for USA customers. 

Which of this series will you hang on your wall? Check them out at the Petrolicious Shop.

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