Gear: Here’s One Car Magazine That’s Just About The Photos

Here’s One Car Magazine That’s Just About The Photos

By Michael Banovsky
December 14, 2015

“It almost looks like it was made the old-fashioned way,” said Chris when I asked him to describe the newest book delivery to our office, before I had a chance to see it for myself. He was referring to the layout of Auto-Biography* by Oliver Selzer, a nicely-made magazine that puts all emphasis on thought-provoking images.

It’s refreshing to see vehicles displayed in a different way, something we’re definitely fans of. Here, photo selection, layout, and caption all work together to tell more of the story than you’d necessarily assume Selzer would be able to.

From artfully presented race car bodywork to wonderful illustrations inspired by highway interchanges, the book is best flipped through when you’ve got time to fully consider each page.

Auto-Biography is release #11 in the PICNIC series by Trademark Publishing, and is available to order online for €17 incl. VAT, excl. shipping.

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