Gear: Hodinkee Just Made A Stunning Driving Watch With Zenith

Hodinkee Just Made A Stunning Driving Watch With Zenith

By Isaac Wingold
October 12, 2016

Photography by Hodinkee

Earlier this morning, our friends over at Hodinkee—the world’s leading online wristwatch magazine—informed the masses that their latest product collaboration with a well-known watch manufacturer would be unveiled later this evening at an event in New York City. Instantly, collectors across the globe began to excitedly wonder what the teased wrist-mounted marvel could be, and how it would hold up to their successful collaborative piece with MB&F, which was released one year ago this month. Roughly two hours ago, the cat was officially let out of the bag, and the world was introduced to the Zenith El Primero Original for HODINKEE.

At first glance, it’s easy to see that this piece was heavily inspired by the earlier El Primero chronographs of yesteryear, as it’s conservatively sized at 38mm, with perfect proportions. Collectors of vintage Zeniths will also be pleased to know that the watch makes use of the exact same 38mm case that was used by the original Ref. A386 El Primero in 1969. DNA from the Ref. A271 is also present in the minute-counting register at three o’clock, which features dashes at the three, six, and nine minute markers, that were originally used to track the rising rates of long distance telephone calls.

As if that wasn’t enough, HODINKEE also asked that each of the 25 Cal. 4069 movements to be used in the limited 25 piece run be COSC-certified for accuracy and precision, to celebrate the important role the El Primero has played in the history of watchmaking and horology. Individual chronometry reports will also be included in the sale of each watch.

When you add it all up, what HODINKEE and Zenith have ultimately released is a vintage watch for modern times, but in a package that’s arguably more refined and thoughtfully executed than what we’ve previously seen from certain notable brands wishing to channel their glory days. Nicely done, HODINKEE.

Editor’s Note: As of this writing, the watch is sold out, but stay tuned to what these guys are up to. This won’t be the last killer piece of kit they sell.

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Frank Wulfers
Frank Wulfers
7 years ago

$7,900 also buys a decent vintage car (like a nice condition Saab 99/900). So clearly this watch is for the vintage car connoisseur who has a few $100K cars in their garage. Not jealous, just wish I was in that situation!

Tim Verheij
Tim Verheij
7 years ago

Beautiful watch. I’m a huge fan of both HODINKEE and Petrolicious

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