Gear: Meet The ICON Duesey, A Distinctly Different Automotive Watch

Meet The ICON Duesey, A Distinctly Different Automotive Watch

By Isaac Wingold
August 30, 2017

Photography provided by ICON4x4

There’s simply nothing quite like the feeling of getting behind the wheel of a great 4×4, and knowing you can conquer whatever terrain you may encounter. This is a feeling surely known to Jonathan Ward, a man who needs no introduction within the world of off-roader restomodding. For the uninitiated, Jonathan is the mind behind the Los Angeles-based shop ICON that’s been producing some of the finest and most tastefully finished Toyota Land Cruisers and Ford Broncos that money can buy. Like many an automotive enthusiast, Ward also happens to be an astute collector of vintage timepieces, which is why the brand’s entry into the field of watchmaking comes as such a logical next chapter in the ICON story.

Meet The Duesey.

Rather refreshingly, ICON hasn’t bowed down to the commonplace traits of traditional automotive-themed watches with their first venture into this world. The Duesey won’t be sold with a rubber tire tread strap, it doesn’t make use of any carbon fiber components, nor does it feature a gauge-like display. It draws its inspiration instead from original Duesenberg tachometers; you’ll find no redline notches or other gimmicks here. With the time indicated using a true jump hour complication, along with a wandering minutes window, The Duesey is a distinctly different looking watch, intended for a more discerning collector, and it shows.

Like any other product bearing the ICON name, a great deal of care and attention to detail have gone into the design process of the marque’s first timepiece, all of which can be credited to Ward himself. This can surely be seen by focusing in on some of the finer details of The Duesey, including the use of both grade 2 and grade 5 titanium to construct the 42mm case. Another detail of note is how the single line of text reading “ICON” seemingly floats above The Duesey’s polished black onyx dial, adding an additional degree of dimension to an otherwise understated and reserved presentation; it’s minimal, but there’s plenty to discover in this design.

Upon flipping the watch over, collectors will notice the presence of a custom crafted, lizard logo rotor, which tops the Swiss made, Dubois Depraz caliber 14400 automatic movement, which is based upon the reliable ETA 2892-A. Although this is not an in-house movement, this choice comes with its perks, as the movement can be confidently serviced by watchmakers across the globe with ease.

With all of this said, this is certainly a commendable first watchmaking effort for Ward and the rest of the team at ICON. The Duesey ought to scratch an itch for the collector looking for something a little bit off the beaten path of automotive-inspired timepieces, and with a limited production of just 50 pieces, it’s certainly got the rarity factor covered.

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wing nut
wing nut
6 years ago

Nice report and a very unique watch. Lt me also say I’m very glad to see watches and chronographs back on the Petrolicious site. I’ve missed seeing articles detailing “3 Vintage Watches You Can Buy Today.” Hope to see more.

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