Gear: Autodromo’s New Blue Dial Prototipo Is Just in Time for Winter

Autodromo’s New Blue Dial Prototipo Is Just in Time for Winter

By Petrolicious Productions
November 17, 2014

Normally, we’re excited to discuss Autodromo’s outstanding style, but this time we’d like to begin by discussing the Blue Dial Prototipo’s (only available via pre-order, for the moment) tech specs. The Prototipo’s internal mechanical linkages, shared with Seiko’s in-house automatic movements, allow for instant chronograph reset and a sweep second hand powered by a state-of-the-art hybrid meca-quartz movement. This innovative system delivers the reliability and precision of a quartz watch with the visual impact and crisp, mechanical pusher feel of a traditional chronograph.

While the Prototipo draws its visual inspiration from the classic racing timepieces of the late ‘60s and early ‘70s, it ups the ante by providing efficient, tasteful touches in every detail. The collection (with details in icy blue and autumnal shades of orange and black) is inspired by racing’s Protoype Era, when legendary drivers tempted death in equally legendary machines.

Fast, colorful, and dangerous, prototype cars ushered in the modern age of endurance racing, and wrote the final chapter in the long tradition of open road racing in Europe. With the Prototipo Chronograph, Autodromo pays homage to the men who raced these thundering machines flat out through narrow villages, dark forests, and over hours and hours without pause.

Prototipos will ship in early December with delivery before the holidays. Reserve yours today! Order or learn more about Autodromo’s gorgeous Prototipo.

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9 years ago

You must be joking! Really? No way! As a watch enthusiast I can wear a Seiko Automatic Diver (sans battery) for one third of the cost! The watch you feature is reminescent of vintage Tag. But why bother with the fake? Really?
I like my watches like my gearboxes! Mechanical!
I will take a Ball or an Oris over this any day!

Sté Phane
Sté Phane
9 years ago

Not much interest from my standpoint. Looks like a pale copy of Oris. Movement, although Seiko isn’t automatic, and probably implemented straight away without any custom work from the brand.

The only positive point is the price, but 700 USD is still quite an amount, and those who want to spend this sum might well be inspired to shop around by other brands.

Kurt Uzbay
Kurt Uzbay
9 years ago

as a watch guy, Ill be the first to say that this is a nice looking piece… reminds me of my Doxa…. Kurt

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