Gear: Holiday Gift Idea: Autodromo Sunglasses Fuse Style and Simplicity

Holiday Gift Idea: Autodromo Sunglasses Fuse Style and Simplicity

By Petrolicious Productions
November 13, 2013

The Stelvio Pass is one of the great and storied driving roads of Europe: a challenging sequence of sixty hairpin turns snakes up the alpine mountainside of the Southern Tyrol. Autodromo recently released a new sunglasses product line called Stelvio sunglasses, inspired by this mountain pass.

These sunglasses are made by hand in Japan from high-quality acetates, each pair requiring a two-week process to make and over 130 operations to craft.

Whether motoring beneath the summer sun or the blinding snows of winter, whether in the city or in the mountains, these sunglasses will add vintage style and modern simplicity while cutting glare and improving visibility and would be a great gift for any vintage car enthusiast this holiday season.

Click here to visit the Autodromo shop.

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Milania Greendevald
Milania Greendevald
2 years ago

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3 years ago

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