Gear: Style Inspiration: Jackie Stewart

Style Inspiration: Jackie Stewart

By Petrolicious Productions
January 15, 2013

Former race car driver Jackie Stewart has always been someone with loads of skill in his racing and a smart business brain, but The Flying Scot was a trendsetter as well. Early on in his career, he learned the importance of appearances and created a brand for himself.

“If I was the principal guest at a function, I recognised that I would need to be correctly dressed to make the right impression. That meant the right suit, blazer, or sports jacket, and the right trousers.”

“There was something else I needed: headgear to wear before and after my races, because my hair would get matted to my head. I decided a racing driver required something a little more trendy than a country gentleman’s cap or a baseball cap, and decided on a black corduroy cap, similar to the one worn at the time by John Lennon. A recognisable brand was starting to emerge.”

“In any function or business meeting, an individual is still instantly defined by the way he or she dresses. Dress badly and, very often, you won’t get out of the blocks.” (Winning Is Not Enough: The Autobiography by Sir Jackie Stewart)

To help you emulate the famed Scot, we share below a few items (aside from sideburns) which he helped to popularize, namely aviator sunglasses and tartan flat caps, which he is often seen wearing (compared to the corduroy cap from his younger days). 

1. Borsalino Wool Prince-of-Wales Cap with Sewn Visor (Autumn Winter 2012/2013 Collection) / $106

2. Faceted-Frame Aviator Sunglasses / $200

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4 years ago

i loved this post , i also liked your , amazing work!

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