News: Honda Celebrates Its 60th Anniversary In The US By Restoring A Chevy Truck

Honda Celebrates Its 60th Anniversary In The US By Restoring A Chevy Truck

By News Desk
June 19, 2019

American Honda Motor Co. (AHM) opened its doors in the US in 1959 and soon made its mark by becoming the best-selling motorcycle brand in America with a market share of close on 72 percent. This impressive achievement—completed in a mere six years—was mainly thanks to Honda’s well-engineered and affordable motorcycles, but an integral part of the business were the small fleet of Chevy half-ton pick-ups that delivered the bikes to dealers across Southern California.

From those early beginnings in its Los Angeles offices, Honda Motor Co. has grown from strength to strength and now employs over 31,000 people across a broad range of endeavours from its automobiles to power equipment and even the Hondajet aircraft. 2019 marks the 60th anniversary of Honda’s entry into the States and it has just completed a restoration of a 1961 Chevy pickup, replicating the paint scheme used by the salesmen who would deliver the bikes to dealers. To complete the nostalgic tribute, two motorcycles, both from 1965 have been restored to complement the Chevy.

The first is a little Honda 50. Being easy to ride it was a great starter bike and became a big hit back in its day. The other is the sportier CB160, which had a 16.5hp 161cc vertical twin engine and was a great stepping-stone for those moving up from the 50. Both were sold during the time the Chevy trucks were part of Honda’s fleet and this trio will be on display at the 2019 SEMA as well as a number of other classic car events around Southern California. In due course, the truck will end up in the American Honda Collection Hall in Torrance, where it will be displayed in front of a replica of the company’s original Los Angeles office.

Images courtesy of Honda

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