Gear: How Gentlemen Drivers Get Their Grip

How Gentlemen Drivers Get Their Grip

Petrolicious Productions By Petrolicious Productions
August 6, 2013

Whether you are grabbing the steering wheel just before entering a tight corner or vigorously upshifting to overtake that slow mini-van in the fast lane, you need grip. To help give you some extra control over your automobile, Car Shoe offers a pretty cool setup called the “Gentleman’s Driver Collection”. It comes with a choice of driving shoes in four different colors, which are accompanied by leather driving gloves and a cleaning kit for your spiffy new footwear.

The shoes are carefully handcrafted in Italy by a footwear company with 50 years of experience in making driving shoes.

Click here to shop Car Shoe’s Gentleman’s Driver Collection.

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Mark Newton
Mark Newton

Mens tie would cool too

Gonzalo Hernández Alcayaga
Gonzalo Hernández Alcayaga

miss sunglasses!

Thomas Hamilton
Thomas Hamilton

These are awesome but you cannot ship to the US 🙁