Gear: How Gentlemen Drivers Get Their Grip

How Gentlemen Drivers Get Their Grip

By Petrolicious Productions
August 6, 2013

Whether you are grabbing the steering wheel just before entering a tight corner or vigorously upshifting to overtake that slow mini-van in the fast lane, you need grip. To help give you some extra control over your automobile, Car Shoe offers a pretty cool setup called the “Gentleman’s Driver Collection”. It comes with a choice of driving shoes in four different colors, which are accompanied by leather driving gloves and a cleaning kit for your spiffy new footwear.

The shoes are carefully handcrafted in Italy by a footwear company with 50 years of experience in making driving shoes.

Click here to shop Car Shoe’s Gentleman’s Driver Collection.

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Mark Newton
Mark Newton(@fb_719917976)
8 years ago

Mens tie would cool too

Gonzalo Hernández Alcayaga
Gonzalo Hernández Alcayaga(@fb_1015187411)
8 years ago

miss sunglasses!

Thomas Hamilton
Thomas Hamilton(@fb_537136300)
8 years ago

These are awesome but you cannot ship to the US 🙁