Journal: Where Do You Prefer to Park Your Car?

Where Do You Prefer to Park Your Car?

By Andrew Schneider
August 2, 2013

When out for a drive, do you prefer to park your car in a metered space at the curb or out of sight in a parking structure?

On my routine Sunday drive, I will always stop for a cup of coffee. However, street parking in Los Angeles is never an easy find, and it can be hard to jam your car into a small, metered space. Most times, however, I’ll choose to keep my car in sight and find a nearby metered spot. Although there is always a chance of my car being dinged or scratched, I don’t like to shelter it away from the public. My Sunday morning wouldn’t be complete without interacting with other car enthusiasts and watching my car bring delight to other people’s day.

Let us know how you feel below.

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8 years ago

Somewhere where I don’t have to pay. My car gets more scratches in my garage at home than it does parked on the street – this may have something to do with the kids’ bicycles that share the garage …

8 years ago

When I’m out enjoying the car and I stop to take a break, all I want to do is stare at the car. I park it in sight somewhere and try not to worry about the potential for damage, it takes the fun out of it. Sometimes I use it to run errands and such, then I might be more inclined to hide it away in a safe spot since I won’t have that time to just stare at it. Man I want to drive it right now.

Ae Neuman
Ae Neuman(@fb_1293493178)
8 years ago

always within sight, at the end of parallel bays to minimise potential damage.

never in in shopping center or supermarket carparks.

and never door to door.

Josh Clason
Josh Clason(@joshclason)
8 years ago

I usually park as far away from any other cars as possible. It is always annoying when I come back and find another car parked next to mine when there are other open spots around it.

8 years ago

I park at the curb. Ideally, between two no parking zones (i.e. home garages). I try to pick spots, where the burden of not hitting the other car is on me rather than whoever parks after me.

Kyle Howe
Kyle Howe(@kylehowe)
8 years ago

I agree that parking at the curb allows for more interaction and attention, but for some reason doing it unsettles me a bit—especially if I can’t see the parked car from where I am. Unfortunately, dings and scratches can happen in parking garages too. If only we could count on the general public to be as careful around cars as we are.