Journal: Inside BMW Classic’s Unreal Historic Vault In Munich

Inside BMW Classic’s Unreal Historic Vault In Munich

Ted Gushue By Ted Gushue
May 31, 2016

Photography by Ted Gushue

It’s no secret that BMW has long since developed a robust Classic center that focuses on restoring heritage models as well as supplying parts to the classic BMW community around the world. What is somewhat of a secret, however, is the massive warehouse it keeps stocked on site with some of the rarest vehicles from the 100 year old company’s history.

I was lucky enough to get a peek at a portion of it, and I have to say: it was a bit like my birthday rolled into christmas, with a cherry on top.

McLaren F1? Check.

Karl Lagerfeld’s Goyard Interior 750iL? Check.

Nelson Piquet’s M1 ProCar? Check.

An absolutely bonkers Group 5 M1? Check.

Most of the 328 Mille Miglia cars? Check.

Bond’s 750iL from The World Is Not Enough? Check.

1800GT? Check.

E30 M3? Check.

M-M1? Check.

Lufthansa Isetta? Check.

Z1? Check.

3.0CSL? Check.

And that’s just the beginning…BMW actually let me drive some of them. You’ll see my first report later today—which of the cars would you have hopped in first?

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Can you tell me something about the Mini next to the M1?

Matt Stokes
Matt Stokes

That M1 fosho

Pavel Vasilev
Pavel Vasilev

That’s hard one but I will have to go for the Pro Car M1, and then try out all the mint 7ers. The turbo 2002…

Simon Tuman
Simon Tuman

Hmm… McLaren for sure. Then immediately into the 700rs and I would finish it off in any of the Mille Miglia 328 cars. Then I would just sit there and let the moment soak in. Ted you’re a lucky guy


Hey what’s the silver bmw convertible thing with the big circle headlights at each side? Real low, small hood. Please help!

Hilaire Pace O'Shea
Hilaire Pace O'Shea

I was there on Thursday with a party from the ‘Bavaria Tour’. It’s well worth a visit along with the BMW Museum about a kilometre down the road. But be aware the roster of cars changes regularly so if you go you may see a different set from those in the article.

Guitar Slinger
Guitar Slinger

Nice . All the usual suspects , a silly thing or two [ the 007 Bimmer ] and a surprise here and there as well .

Hands down the F1 por moi … the last truly innovative car in automotive manufacturing history …… though I do have kind of a sick thing for the Z3M Coupe as well . The epitome of BMW Jolie Laide .

Christopher Gay
Christopher Gay

Fun stuff.

Clearly, I would enjoy a warm up in the 2002 turbo, just to see how all the hoopla measures up, then hammer around in the M1, and ultimately I’d be looking for an open wheel or the LMR, but I don’t see those bad boys. In that case, a cool down in something much older, silver, and classy. Superleggera, no doubt.

Thanks for sharing.