Gear: It's Ford V Ferrari For Black Friday In The Petrolicious Shop

It’s Ford V Ferrari For Black Friday In The Petrolicious Shop

By Petrolicious Productions
November 29, 2019

Ford V Ferrari has been receiving rave reviews, at least from most people. It has divided the Petrolicious office, some love it, some hated, others walked out of the theater. A few folks on the team haven’t seen a movie since Roger Moore was Bond. If you see the movie you’ll end up choosing one side for sure, Ford or Ferrari. Since the movie is based on history (sort of) we know that Ford wins, even though Ferrari produced the most gorgeous looking race machine of all time for that race. The closest most of us will ever get is the stunning model from Amalgam below.

Ferrari 330 P4 (1967) – 1:8 Scale
Amalgam Collection

No matter which is your favorite carmaker, we have unique items so you can showcase your loyalty. Each item has been carefully selected to be a standout on your wall or desk. Some of the items make a great gift, or you can selfishly get it all for yourself. And don’t forget Petrolicious Membership always makes a great gift no matter what marque your friend or loved one, desire. Maybe you’re more of a poster person and want your wall to showcase who you favor at Le Mans. And since we started with Ferrari it’s only fair to showcase the other team, and champion of the movie: Ford. Check out these lovely images from AutoMobilist.

Le Mans Ford GT Automobilist Posters

Of course, if you love both, and can’t make up your mind Rear View also has a print that encompasses both. Think of it as the ultimate politically-correct poster.

Rear View Prints 

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