Featured: Jay Javetz and His Porsche 914/6

Jay Javetz and His Porsche 914/6

By Petrolicious Productions
November 5, 2012

Jay Javetz not only followed his family footsteps in the meat processing industry, he inherited their passion for classic cars and racing. A regular on the historic circuits, Jay doesn’t skip a beat. He’s always ready to hit the track in his original Porsche 914/6, with seconds to spare.

Take a tour with Jay as he tells us all about his induction into racing and his amazing ride. You won’t want to miss this one.

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Q. When did you enter the tribe of classic car enthusiasts?

A. I was born right into it! My father was an SCCA racer in the ’50s and ’60s and a collector, as was my grandfather before him.

Q. Why did you get into racing?

A. I drove recklessly as a kid. My dad decided that the only way to get me to stop crashing cars would be to put me in a fancy racing car. He got a 1961 MGA, and he signed me up for lessons.

Q. What has been your biggest inspiration?

A. My dad. He gave this world to me: the thrill of racing, looking forward to getting off work to hit the track, and the feeling of being so worn out when it’s all done. It’s so satisfying. I hope someday to pass it off to my own kids too.

Q. What was your first classic car fantasy?

A. It’s hard to fall in love with just one car. Still, if I had to pick, it would be a Ferrari Daytona.

Q. What drove you to 914/6 cars?

A. Their fabulous on-track battles.

Q. Where do you stand: performance or style?

A. I’m a racer, but I just couldn’t drive an ugly car. I guess I’m lucky. I don’t have to choose, because the 914/6 gives me both.

Q. Popular Mechanics named the Porsche 914 one of the 10 cars that time forgot. What makes it unforgettable for you?

A. Really? How could anyone forget it? It has the 914 body but has upgraded mechanicals: it’s at 2.2 liters, and it reaches 140 mph instead of 100 mph. It’s definitely the one to have.

Q. Quick fling or in for the long haul?

A. With the amount of blood, sweat, and tears I’ve poured into this car, I’m definitely in for the long haul with no regrets.

Q. Your favorite drive?

A. Road Atlanta in Braselton, Georgia. It makes me feel a bundle of mixed emotions: pure joy and pure fear. And I feel like I’m a part of history being alongside so many great names who’ve raced there.

Q. Best memory about your car?

A. Seeing that I’m still smiling five days after the fact, it’s got to be winning my group at Speed Classic!

Q. What do you imagine the car says to you when you’re on the track?

A. For now, she’s saying, “Go faster!”

Q. What is your relationship like? Who wear the pants?

A. It’s just like being married. I have to pamper her and treat her well. And she let’s me know if I’m doing something wrong.

Q. Leading lady or supporting actress? What would she star in?

A. Leading lady, 100%. She’s been built with the best of everything. She could play the perfect double agent. She’s just so pretty, and it’s hard to relate pretty with speed and performance. She has that contradiction, that duality.

Q. Your ideal passenger?

A. Servicemen from the Wounded Warriors Project. I would love to repay them for their heroism, give them a thrill and put a smile on their faces.

Thank you, Jay, for taking the time to talk with us. We wish you the best in Daytona!


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Ray Beltran
Ray Beltran
11 years ago

Chris, I know those mountains well, being a Kern County native. Did he ever take you for a ride up the canyon road by chance?

Love the 914 – so purposeful. No excuses as far as it’s appearance. It just is. Went with my buddy as he was about to buy one a year out of high school, but he just couldn’t swing it. Just as well – it was around ’78, so it had those ugly bumpers and anemic engine. I don’t think a car has to be powerful in order to be fun (my first car was a ’76 Rabbit), but that thing was a wheezer.

Chris Hecht
Chris Hecht
11 years ago

Love the 914! I can say that my old man’s 1975 Copper colored 914 was the first car I helped tinker with. It was one of the first cars I learned to drive stick in. What an amazing handling car, that seemed like its only purpose. I have fond memories of sitting shotgun while my dad tossed me around in the mountain roads of Tehachapi, Calif.

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