Journal: Land Rover Is Factory Restoring 25 Series I Trucks To Better Than New Spec

Land Rover Is Factory Restoring 25 Series I Trucks To Better Than New Spec

By Michael Banovsky
April 7, 2016

In case you weren’t around in the late 1940s to pick up a Land Rover Series I when it hit the market and you have a bit of money to spare, the British off-road legends have a brand-new, definitely-not-a-soft-roader for you.

Offering fully-restored-by-the-factory vehicles is a tact many are taking, with the latest being a batch of 25 perfectly restored and reconstructed Series I models, built for customers to original 1948 specifications. Jaguar, the other automaker under a shared corporate umbrella with Land Rover, has been doing this for a few years with great success, so why not offer something new…er…old?

Automakers are now taking a much closer interest in preserving their heritage, with the number of factory-supported restorations and historical initiatives increasing every year. Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz—the latter with a complete record of the cars it has sold, making it a singular outlier among the many factory authentication programs.

With the help of Jaguar Land Rover Classic’s restoration department, you’ll be able to pick from one of five period finishes—may I recommend Bronze Green?—plus any other options or specifications offered. Using original and  genuine parts, the company hopes to preserve its heritage for future generations, and remind every other Land Rover owner that the factory will help keep their vehicle, even if it’s not a Series I, going as long as possible.

Even if it’s a bit slow, I have a hard time picturing any modern off-roader going toe-to-toe with a Series I…if you’re one of the 25 lucky ones and the truck happens to have landed in California, give us a call for some dune-bashing—the beer, fish tacos, and drone footage is on us.

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8 years ago

Definitely not for everyone, good on LR for doing this and doing it the right way. I wonder if they will offer lesson to the owners on how to double clutch since a fully syncro’d box didn’t show up until the series III. Amazing trucks that make no bones about their purpose. I miss my 64 IIa every day.

Guitar Slinger
Guitar Slinger
8 years ago

Contemporary off roaders that will bury even the best of the Land Rover Series 1’s off road with the sole exception of ICON’s extreme resto – mods ;

Toyota Tacoma 4wd ( any year )
Toyota 4Runner 4wd ( any year )
Toyota Land Cruiser [ despite all its luxury appointments ]
Toyota FJ Cruiser 4wd [ despite the multiple blind spots ]
The not for US Toyota FJ 4wd’s [ the absolute best in my opinion ]
( in fact any body on frame Toyota truck/SUV )
JEEP Wrangler / Wrangler Unlimited
Bowler EXR-S
Mercedes G-Class [ again despite the overabundance of luxury hoo ha ]
Mercedes ML [ you’d be surprised Banvosky what they can do off road ]
German market only Mercedes GLK G-wagon
Land Rover Defender

Lets face the music Banvosky . As the owner of ICON said on these very pages .. all Land Rover’s from Series 1 right up to the Defender are blatant garbage .. from fit and finish .. to quality of materials .. right down to the reliability or lack thereof 😉

But .. if you must go down the S&M route of Land Rover ownership . Wanna know who does it better [ restoration ] .. and for less .. not to mention being right here in the good ole US of A ?

D.A.P. over Springfield VT way . Or alternatively .. Lanny Clark Land Rover in Colchester VT . I’ve seen both their work first hand . They are the best ! By far !

But in all honesty … if you’re gonna punish yourself with classic Land Rover ownership .. might as well punish your wallet as well … and have the fine folks at ICON build you one of their resto mod monsters in classic Land Rover drag …

Seriously Banvosky .. we gotta get ya’ll down here Colorado way to give you a first hand lessons on what real off roading is all about . In the mean time though my fellow ‘ sky ‘ … grab hold of an ” Overland Journal ” subscription .. that’ll change your perspective .. toot suite I might add

8 years ago
Reply to  Guitar Slinger

I’ve just realized that you attempt to undermine pretty much everything that is posted on this site.

1) If you know so much more than anyone else, why don’t you start your own website as a platform for your sabotage of the English language.

2) Sometime less is more when it comes to making a point. Do you really think people read all the drivel that you post?

3) How do you find the time?


Michael Potiker
8 years ago
Reply to  Guitar Slinger

Because in Overland magazine they often feature around the world excursions in Mercedes ML’s…. oh actually they don’t because the people would die.

Giacomo Foti
Giacomo Foti
8 years ago
Reply to  Guitar Slinger

You must not understand very well the meaning of “hyperbole” or, in any case, you must not be fun at parties.
Relax. Re-read the article. Understand what he meant with that phrase. Understand that you have to be brain dead to not understand what he meant.

Now that you’re very calm and understanding, you can enjoy Petrolicious. Have fun.

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